Canadian Snowball Fighting Team

Another unbelievable Olympic experience occurred in Torino, in 2006. Canada won an unprecedented 24 Medals and the Canadian Snowball Fighting Team brought back the Gold in the yet to be sanctioned Snowball Fighting Competition. We continue to work with Olympic officials to take the Snowball Fighting Competition to a recognized level. In the interim, we will continue our role as the unofficial goodwill ambassadors for Canada and express our gratitude and congratulations to all of the athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers who dedicated their time and efforts to the Olympic experience. There is really nothing else like it!

We look forward to seeing new friends and old in Vancouver 2010. With better funding and shorter distances, the Snowball Fighting Team may show up in lycra instead of cotton! We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver 2010! GO CANADA!

Thanks for the memories,

Canada's Snowball Fighters.


P.S. - if you have photos from Torino that you would like to have posted on our website please send them to us at


 Salt Lake Photos 2002

 Torino Photos 2006